giovedì 29 settembre 2016


some cuckoldist are in it for the pain, the anguish of seeing the wife fucking and enjoying another man, better than you, the humiliation and emotional pain, it’s a form of psychological sadomasochism, arousement by mental anguish

some cuckoldist like the idea of their wives attracting other men, candaulism, others are closeted husbands, wanting to see naked men, for others there is the aspect of competition that makes them hard

for me, it is a little about competition, that I am chosen for love anyway, even though other men are chosen for sex, that is, are better at givning physical pleasure, but the hard reason is just love, I just want the most pleasure possible to the woman I love, that love gets me hard, and her horniness for the other man’s cock.

Her natural animalistic lifefulness.


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