venerdì 19 agosto 2016

Desire for Enjoyment - Fifty shades of grey XV

as you know I said a while ago that I would not have thought it to be any problem whatsoever if you had enjoyed sex every day with another man, if that had been your wish. This even if you wanted this because the other man was better and more pleasurable. It is always positive with variation but if it partly depends on the phallus size it could possible be so that he is bigger than I, mine is certainly not small and I do not feel inferior in that way tho it is upper middle, 20 cm, but there are of course plenty of people who have bigger than that. For the sake of it, and considering previous discussions, we can say that it was a black well hunged man who could bring you to extra pleasure-filled ecstasy and euphoria. I could do nothing else than sincerely hoping that you had enjoyed it so often that you wanted and been able to


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