lunedì 26 dicembre 2016

Queenessence - Party in Paradise - Astghik - my Goddess XI

celebrating your anniversary

of course it’s gonna be a party

we didn’t notice the economic collapse all around
we just went on partying, since the renaissance


we are in the middle of the world,
between west and east, south and north
in the best party that the World has ever seen
between your legs

in tha łaguna

we will consume every breath you take
embrace your energy, and let it all out

we are the masters of Life
and Life is Magic

qabbalah fëmme

let the sunshine in
and we will let it out

ła vita ła xe costrusión
no ła xe distrusión

ła dea Veneta

sensuale, ła łengoa di anìma,
tra łe pì bełe del universo

ła dòna veneta
famoxa pa ła so bełésa

tu es ła vita
tu es yn costrusión

Tu est Divina

salve sacrè,
prìnsip impëriàl S.D.M. Landò


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