venerdì 2 ottobre 2015

Woman and Man

A true man does never think that You are boring when You are yourself, a woman like You are the goddess of all man’s imagination, he will look upon You with his eyes and mind totally beloved and inloved in Your very essence.

A woman like You could also try to show a strong appearance, that You are loved by many, that You are appreciated by many, that many men adore You and feel Your sensuelle look - that You are a femme fatale, a catwoman. He does not own you, You own him.

A true man will get down on his knees to kiss Your feet, anytime, he will let You rule his mind, and let You freely lust around, although he himself will be totally faithful before You - You should have the freedom to enjoy other, and he will worship You like the gooddess You are.

You cannot be boring, in any man’s mind, because You are not boring.
You have to believe in Your self, and he will do the same.

You are a Goddess, nothing less.

You should not be all to nice, let him fight for You, not the other way around. You got the power, you got the pussy, it’s pussy power, You are divine, You should be on top, of him, that will make him want You, for ever.

A true man loves you, without that You do anything else, then being Yourself, a Goddess.

He should show You his love for You all the time, he should always do everything for You, Your pleasure and enjoyment should always be the highest priority of his mind - in Your relationship You should always be free to do anything you want, with anybody, or when ever, you want, and You should always be free to not need to do anything that You do not want to do - he should always do anything You want him to do, all Your demands and wishes should be respected and adored, worshiped and innerly accepted, Your wish, is his wish.

As Aphrodite, You must be totally free for free love and sex, pleasure and enjoyment, he should never be free, he should be totally truthful and loyal to You, only worshiping, loving and adoring, You.

Any longstanding relationship with a Goddess like You must be like this, You must enjoy it totally, and get the maximum of everything.

A woman should absolutely feel like a Goddess, but she should not only feel like it, she should also be free to live like a goddess; that is, she should have the economic, political, judicial, power, and emotional, hearthfully, sensul, legitimité to do so.

We men should adore the woman with all our heart, and all our doings, You should be free to do anything you want, with all whom you want, and we should do anything and everything for You, we should respect, tolerate, accept, adore, and worship, every little bit of a woman’s essence, her mind, her will, and her lusts - and we do that!

So, You, my dear, are worth nothing less than that, nothing less than all. And You will have it.

It should not be easy for a man to live, we should work hard for You, in every aspect of our lives, in every aspect of our essence, You have right to everything, all our work, all our things, all our minds, and absolutely, all our hearths.

It is quit easy, anyway, because if you as a man worship, love, and adore, the woman as a goddess, you do truly believe that she is worth everything, then it is quit easy and normal to give her everything, and let her have everything, and anything.

In a relationship it is very inspirational, amourabel and passionabel when the woman feels maximal euphoria and exstasy with other men that you feel extremely lustful for, preferebly often, that is probably the most exciting that you can feel, the total focus of love and pleasure on You as a woman, and the total giving of me as a man.

It’s like yin and yang, a perfect fit.


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