venerdì 30 ottobre 2015

Polyandric Women - Worshiping Men

I will let you in on a little secret, a sexual one, that is occurring within us worshiping men, it is not just a natural right for you to have, in your whole life experience, free love and sex, at the same time as you own the male worshiper’s total sexuality and all of his heart, where he should be totally faithful and adore only you. It is a natural occurring fact that it should be so, not just because the uttermost women would like to live like that, but also because it is a natural and strong feeling within the goddess-appreciating male. Polyandry is the natural way.

Actually, I as a man feel an extremly strong hornyness when You as a goddess have experienced sex, ecstasy, and euphoria with other men, it is mystifying your essence and showing everyone that you have the sexual and emotional power of a goddess. My mind will melt down worshiping you even more, especially if I have the privilege to with my mouth taste your nectar of pleasure afterwards.

An other way is if you receive pleasure of an other man’s phallus while you at the same time as you feel euphoria looks into my worshiping eyes looking with your ecstatic hazy eyes, when I explain my total maximal loyal love for You, you might also hold my erect phallus tight in your hand, also this at the same time that you appreciate an other  man’s phallus in your divine opening – that will make your self-esteem rock all time high. That I could promise. Afterwards, when you have received pleasure of the other man’s phallus I would like to taste you, lick you, as long as you wish, tasting the nectar from your pleasure, filling my body with your soul’s enjoyment. You will experience more love then you have ever done before.

You do hold the power over men in your hands, you own our minds, souls, spirits, bodies and hearts. This is also how it should be, we are made to serve, adore, love and worship You.


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