venerdì 23 ottobre 2015


You should have the power over men, and all women should have the power over all men. I want that the self esteem of women, the self confidence of women, should be maximizing so that you actually have the total power over men, that you really receive nothing less than all, and that we do everything for you, in our worshiping soul and body, working for you. A woman’s words, a woman’s feelings, her lusts, her demands, her wishings or pleasure, is the highest and only goal for our life, we should all be focusing on You.

Everything this, and everything at all, is about your self-esteem and self confidence, your happiness and enjoyment, if you feel like a goddess, and men, and women, appreciate you as a goddess, see you as a person with strong aura, all persons will melt down before you, worship and adore you. Not any heterosexually man will ever tell you the words ‘no’ to you, what ever you want, what ever you desire, what ever you demand.

All this, is because you should have the freedom to live and be as you wish, in every part of your life, political, economical, materialistic, intellectual, physical, sexually, emotional, should you be totally free to be as you self wish, do what ever you want, live a life that will have you living on clouds, all time around.

And that, is exactly how it should be, because you are a Goddess.

no man, prince, state or otherwise, have the right to impose anything on you, a man has never the right to do anything to you that regulate or prevent you from living your full essence of your divine life. We should only affirm, please, and serve, You.


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