martedì 7 febbraio 2017

Perfect control over a system - Postmodernisme premillénaire LXXXII


[T]he idea (or ideology) of perfect control over a system, which is supposed to improve its performance, is inconsistent with respect to the law of contradiction: it in fact lowers the performance level it claims to raise. The inconsistency explains the weakness of state and socioecono­mic bureaucracies: the stifle the systems or subsystems they control and asphyxiate themselves in the process ... The interest of such an explanation is that it has no need to involve any form of legi­ti­mation outside the system itself (for example, the freedom of human agents inciting them to rise up against excessive authority). Even if we accept that society is a system, complete control over it, which would necessitate an exact definition of its initial state, is impossible because no such definition could ever be affected.1

1) Ibid:55-56.

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