sabato 14 novembre 2015


I do not feel jealousy, that is because I cannot ever own You, Your feelings, or Your doings, instead I feel aroused, horny, and happy, for You, for the pleasure, for your will, for your wishes, for your all, I want you to have it all. My love is a worshiping love, without feelings of ownership, only the goddess own.

For me, I love that You adore masculinity in all its forms, that means that You will never find all that You find attractive in one man, but will find many men attractive, inciting Your lust and willingness to make love with them. This, I will want to support, I find It very much esthetic.

but, I both expect and hope that You goddess are jealous of You, very much, You have the full right to own my mind, my soul, my body, and I should never ever adore another woman than You. If you get angry for something I should do my very best to improve myself and make You happy.

I am Your slave.


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