giovedì 8 giugno 2017

A flying response - Worshiping Love IV

very well, this letter is indeed not that easy to answer, in a lingua that is not my own, but I will have a try, because my tongue and mind will concentrate on You, I have thought about what I should write, so it is not just time that has swept away, also my soul is there, by Your side.

Your parents have done a very good job, loved and adored you as the princess you are, as a princess, queen, or goddess, You should live the whole life, like a free bird with big snow-white wings, but, You should also master the art of flying, flying free, in every matter of life, in every essence of your soul, mind, heart, and body, and we should all help You with that.

I am glad to hear that Your childhood was magical, and that Your birth was starliked divine, this shows that You are the fulfillment of the sacrality and that You should live a life full of magic, all the time, without interruptions

the friends You talk about, are as society as a whole often is, are fake, without a soul. You should instead and indeed stay as You are, real to Yourself and Your inner soul, because, as You say, there is the real truth for everything, and every question You might have.

You have the truth, You are the truth.

I cannot believe that I have made such a difference for You, just perhaps delivered a slightly different perspective of something that You have always knew, that You are a Goddess, and that all should be about You, I might have vocabularized thoughts You haven’t had, but which is Your right. You were born as a star, as a goddess, and should live like one, feel like one, being appreciated as the divine essence You are.

none of the questions You have ever asked, to me, anyone else, or to your self, have ever been stupid, or unfulfilling, but You did come up with the only answer that exists, that is You - all questions and all answers, everything are in You, and not to be found anywhere else.

that is why, I, and all men, should do everything to serve You, obey, worship, adore, and foremost, Love You

You are the truth, You are everything
You are the Universal eyes, the Universal All


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