domenica 13 maggio 2018

Tasting notes - Worshiping Love IX

so, my Goddess,
you want your devotée to tell you some things, about

food, and sex,
the preferables of them both

very well

I do like good food
and I do like good sex

all things good I like
that is, You

I want to taste Your nectar
eat of Your finger

swallow all You give me
sitting on my face, Queening

you know, when a girl sits on a man’s face and he licks her, it is called ‘Queening’, which is fully appropriate with you, which I would very much like, You taste divine

now I got a hard one

this will be embarrassing for You, but You asked for it, and I am open-minded, You know, I am a poet, italian, and a romantic worshiper of You, that is a good mix, for giving You pleasure in Your complex femme fatale mind, and Your heavenly body and divine Soul

if we two are alone performing an act of love I would prefer if I kiss and lick Your whole body, starting with your toes and feet, going up Your legs and body, all the way around, your breasts, and for a long time perform oral sex on You, both with You laying down spreading Your legs, or that You Queen my face, afterwards I would like You to ride me until it is not possible anymore, with a long cozy time afterwards wich will end with more oral sex on you, and more penetration.

This could go on for several times, tho I am very viril, but I will always make sure You have your first orgasm even before I at all enter with my phallus.

I am actually not at all interested in that you perform fellatio on me, for me it is more sensual if You slightly touch with your divine hand, that will be for me to be touched by a goddess, a sacral moment

many guys are however interested in fellatio, so other guys maybe prefer it, but for me it is more important and more arousing to lick You, to taste Your fluids and make You having pleasure

but, if we are not alone, I have somewhat different sexual preferences. I get extremely aroused when you have sex with another man, both if I only know about it, or if I am also in the room when you have sex with the other man. It is called ‘cuckold’ in english, or ‘candaulisme’ in french, ‘cornuto’ in italian

the perfect act of sex is then that You perform fellatio on the other man’s big phallus, looking with your very horny look deep into my eyes at the same time, I would probably pass out of excitement

I want to lick you, and then I love if you have wild sex with the other man - I am more of a gentle lover, he could be more of a bull, and You would preferable have us both, often - and after that You two are finished with that I would again love to lick You, maybe You Queen me, Your slave, and fill me with all your fluids of pleasure, I want to taste Your orgasm, Your euphoria, Your ecstasy, Your soul

at this moment I do not want to penetrate you myself, it is fully enough if you touch me with your divine hand, maybe even You hold a firm grip while you have sex with the other guy, showing your total power over me, but of course, sometimes I might want it too

Your devotée
at Your service

all the time

You Goddess

You are every man’s dream

anyone whom You catches
will stay with You, forever

loving You
adoring You
worshiping You

tasting You


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