mercoledì 19 luglio 2017

Both sides of the story - Female attraction - Erotica VI


In a notable study Anthony Little and his colleagues examined which types of masculine appearance that women prefer. A total of 158 women between the ages 16 and 39 acted as volunteers. They had to evaluate images of faces that appeared on a computer screen in five series

More slender and feminine faces attracted most when women choose the man they’d like to live with

But when they choose one-time partners the women prefered a more masculine appearance, with powerful jawbone and chin[1]

thus women have two different forms of attraction bases
one for a more permanent living, as well as one for a more temporary linking

an attraction which is always imminent,
thus this must be satisfied, in both, so that full satisfaction will be reached

shall it be so hard to accept?

[1] Fredholm, L., “Så lockas vi”, i Forskning & Framsteg, nr 4 maj-juni 2003, s. 32-33, my translation.

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